Thursday, March 31, 2011


Alright, so I've got this best friend, Brooke. She has so many talents, one of which is poetry-writing. However, being the precious, humble sweetheart she is, I never knew this until just recently. She asked me to edit one of her poems for school. I asked her permission to post it here. She is an amazing writer.


Against the harsh wind, some trees stand unyielding.
Their thick roots are enduring and not faulty.
Other trees waver, some until fractured.
Their roots are not anchored like a ship to its dock.

Same with people, some have perpetual faith
When facing the tantalizations of life.
They will continue to progress and prosper,
While others will cripple and slowly recede.

So, like a large well-cultivated tree should
Have superior roots made impervious,
Don't let them grow jaded or shatterable;
Let them flourish within the soil of the ground.

Instead, speak to it with grerat audacity.
Declare, " Here is where I will surely abide."

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