Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Song.

I have a lot of blog posts about songs. I guess that is just because I am most touched through music. I have known this song for a long time, but I just felt the lyrics needed to be shared. My Epic has a song, Untitled, that really grabs me.

"These bones, my frame won't hold in place. They'd leave and part ways, if I was without You. This earth, my home, would be alone. There'd be no moon to share the galaxy, if it was without You. My God, I am not, but You are. What was it like when You prayed? Did the rivers calm when the raging seas obeyed? What was it like when You slept? Did the rocks come close and the trees lean in, and did the air rejoice just to be Your breath? My God, I am not, but You are. Your servant tried to ask Your name, but a million words could not contain, and the meaning could not be expressed, for the weight would be too much to take. So you cradled him, like You cradle me and whispered, 'I am.' Oh My God, I am not, but you are."

I normally explain how these songs have touched me, but with this one, I can't really say anything. I am simply astounded at this small expression of God's power. The words that are repeated say it all. My God, I am not, but You are.

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