Friday, October 15, 2010

Erratic Musings

Blake reminded me that I hadn't written in a while. And then reminded me that my posts don't have to be ridiculously long.

  • Today, my family went to the SC state fair. We hadn't gone in about three years...and I had forgotten how much I missed it. I ate a corn dog, Fiske fries, mini doughnuts, a funnel cake, fried mushrooms, a cookie, and more Fiske fries. *whew* I'm thinking it will be a long time before I will be hungry again.
  • I discovered that going through fun houses makes me feel like Indiana Jones. I must say that is an awesome feeling. Also, My dad and I found a cake that looked like Indiana Jones. I won't say what his whip looked like. (Hint: It did not look like a whip.)
  • Apparently, a lot of exchange students work at the fair. There were tons of strange accents; including a cute French accent. I like accents. I am thinking of adopting one. Or keeping mine, and moving somewhere else where my accent is different.
  • In previous years, I have always felt like we left the fair too early to do everything that I wanted to do. This year, it was not so. We did everything imaginable. That is, except seeing a dog-trick show.
  • I drove to Columbia on the interstate last night...most of the way! My daddy said that I drove well. *happyhappyhappyhappy* (In case you were wondering, this is when I danced a happy dance.)
  • Today is October 15th. That means that today, my friend Aaron turns 17. It also is our first friendiversary. Awesome.
I guess this is an acceptable blog post.

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  1. That is an acceptable blog post. SO glad you posted again :) Love you!