Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yesterday, for my birthday, my dad and I went to El Mariachi (the best Mexican restaurant ever) for lunch. Afterwards, we went to Petsmart. This guy (who apparently is the current Petsmart rodent expert) helped us. His name was Garry. I'm not sure how that information is relevant...but there you go. Garry helped me and my dad pick out a guinea pig. He is russet orange with two white splotches-one between his eyes and the other on his side. (Not to mention the adorable little white paws he has!!) I've always laughed at people who own guinea pigs (take, for instance, Ryan Johnson,) because they aren't really pets. They are rodents. But...this guinea pig is adorable. I named him Lenny. Lenny Guinea. Lenny started off being pretty scared of us. He liked me and Mama...and that was it. Buddy was especially frightening. I guess when a big, furry nose is stuck in your face it may startle you a little. Anyway, Lenny survived his first meeting with Buddy, and had a good night's rest. Today, after co-op, I decided to do my grammar on my bed...while holding Lenny. Lenny has changed drastically over the one day we have had him. He has gone from utter fright to complete curiosity. (And stubbornness when he is not allowed to go somewhere.) He climbed all over my bed and succeeded in almost falling down behind the bars and killing himself. I thought if he was going to roam, it was best if he do it where he could not fall off something and break his neck. So I sat down against my bed and put him on the floor. While I was still watching him, (in 3 seconds flat), he crawled completely under my bed. I spent the next ten minutes pulling boxes out and trying not to squish him. Finally, I spotted him stuck underneath two stuffed animals. I snatched him up (he struggled violently) and proceeded to tell him exactly how long he would have to stay in his cage if he did that again. He just made those cute snuffling noises that he just started making today. Tomorrow we should be going to get him a plastic ball to play in; I just hope he can stay still until then.


  1. Haha!! That is too funny Emily! I actually had a Guinea Pig for like 4 years when I was in elementary school! His name was, Rascal. But I bet Lenny is cute as can be. Rascal used to love eating baby carrots. We would stick them through the cage and he would grab them like bones. But then if you stuck your finger in, he would think it was a carrot.... Have fun with Lenny, I will have to meet him sometime ;) Love Liz

  2. Can't wait until you do! And I loved your story about Rascal. It was just gruesome enought. :)