Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I noticed I've been slack lately...but it is ridiculous how busy I have been.

Friday, my friends and I went to downtown Greenville for my birthday. It was me, Mama, Daddy, Bomb (also known as Anna Krezdorn), and Miss Lissa (Melissa Moore). I seriously believe I had more fun that day than I ever have before. We went to the Mellow Mushroom first and had pizza. The pizza was good, but what really began a good day was the fact that our waiter looked like Dwight Schrute from the Office. Lissa noticed it first, and after that, every one of us (including Mama and Daddy) had a hard time taking him seriously.
After the Mellow Mushroom, we were all too full to eat anything else, so we decided to walk around. It doesn't sound very exciting, but Bomb, Lissa, and I can make anything fun. We had this system where we would rotate every so often so that each person got a chance to walk in between the other two and hear all of the conversation. For those of you that don't know, there are a whole lot of statues of random people in downtown Greenville. We mimicked every single statue. The best one had to have been a statue in progress that was of three people, so we each had our own position. Not to mention stomping on grass that was "In Rehabilitation" and was "Not to be Stepped On." Or jumping on the bridge to make it bounce and seeing who could spit the farthest off the said bridge. (Bomb won every time.) We finally made it to the Mast General Store, where we had to curb our awesomness for a while so we wouldn't scare innocent shoppers. We drooled over knives (very very sharp knives) and laughed at dumb advertising gimmicks. (There was a chapstick that had pictures of people kissing strawberries and lemons.) We got in the way a lot, too. The bathroom at Mast General Store has just enough room for half of one person. All three of us went-twice. We bought some candy after much serious thought and headed out again. After more rotating and mimicking of statues, we arrived at Spill the Beans where we got crunch frappucinos and tried to ignore our still-full stomachs. Daddy went to pick up the car so he could drive by and we could hop in. We waited until we saw a car that looked like ours...and waved like crazy. We couldn't figure out why he was passing us until we realized it wasn't him. We got a lot of funny looks from the passengers in the car though.
That night we didn't get much sleep...but we did get some. After having watched the Office and eaten almost all the candy and snuck back down for a dozen trips to the bathroom, we got extremely cold. (Note: the fans were on upstairs. That is why it was so cold. There were also extra blankets upstairs. But hours of the Office make you a little devoid of common sense.) So, being so cold, we decided to try sleep side by side in one twin bed. No blankets. All that happened was that we elbowed each other in the eyes and tried to push Lissa off the bed, but we actually got a couple hours of sleep like that. That is, until Lissa got sick of being half-off the bed and moved to the other bed.

The song today is Sweet Sixteen by The Lilies and the Sparrows
"The whole world screams, begging, "Where can we find hope?" They're on their knees, overflowing with disease. They're reaching out and we're drawing back, saying, "Don't expose me to that."

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  1. OK, girl. I had no idea that ya'll were having a spitting contest off of the bridge when we went downtown. You three are such ladies. :) Going out with you, Melissa, and Anna was a whole lot of fun. I might even want to do that for MY birthday next year. You know, the one where I finally turn 30. - Mom