Monday, August 23, 2010

A Song I Would Like to Share

So, there is this song by Leeland that has been blowing my mind. As Dave from Hot Rod would shattered my entire universe. The name of this song is Weak Man. The lyrics are

"Jesus, give me Your heart. Let there be a death in me. I'm making room for all
that You are; give me Your heart. Jesus, give me Your heart. Break me
down, build me up. Let who I was keep falling apart; give me Your
heart. My Creator, may I be low, low, low, low, so You're made
higher. And I'll be weak, for you are strong in the weak man. Jesus,
give me Your heart. Burn away all the dross. Come on, let the fire start;
give me your heart. I want to make you higher...Lord, it's my heart's

As I listened to these words...a few things ran through my head. The first being quite simple. "Wow." The verse where it says, "let who I was keep falling apart" really got through to me. When Christ's death paid for my sin, and I accepted His sacrifice, I was made over. I'm not who I was before I gave my life over to Him. And I am not supposed to act like that old person. The second thing was bigger, and took more thought. Am I really willing to be low so that God can get all the glory? Being weak doesn't just mean physically weak. What really hit it home to me was saying this to myself: You are good at lots of things. You are musical, and you are smart. But are those things more important to you than giving God the glory? Would you be willing to give up those things...or the praise for those that God could be glorified? And the shock to me was, I wasn't sure that I was willing. The last thing that really made me think were the last few words. "It's my heart's desire." Is my heart's desire, the thing I want more than anything, to make God higher?

I just wanted to share how that song has been speaking to me. Are there any songs that continue to speak to you, over and over again?

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