Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random, Unless You Think Like Me

So I realize that I have not blogged in forever. But it is crazy how busy I am. And with that lame, over-used excuse out of the way, I will continue.

Today, I am going to just let you get to know my random side. Here are 6 random, not well-known things about me...and some commentary that I just can't hold back.

1. I like to brown hamburger meat. Not sure why...maybe it's that I am a perfectionist, and I like making sure all the formerly pink meat turns brown. It definitely isn't the smell. I like to eat hamburger meat, but I almost don't want to eat it after having smelled it while it cooks. It smells so unappetizing.

2. I am finally (just now) learning how to type the right way. Though I want to know who decided what the right way is. For as long as I have used a computer keyboard, I have typed with just my pointer fingers. I could actually go pretty fast that way. But now, I am learning how to actually type, and it's making writing this much easier, even though my pinkies are still pretty obstinate about moving where they are supposed to.

3. I have three friends that know everything about me. I guess you could call them best friends. They know every second of my life, but in different intervals. Anna Krezdorn hears a play by play of my entire life when I call her. (Only about once a week, because her schedule is so packed.) Kris Towers gets a text directly after school describing all the events that happened that day. But Melissa Moore, because she has a cell phone, is lucky enough to hear every single thing as it is happening. Of course, though, not during school. :)

4. I like almost every type of music--but country. I detest country. As Anna would say, "it makes my ears bleed." Note though, that when I say country, I mean the horrible genre that America is calling (wrongfully) country. Country is Johhny Cash and Hank Williams. Not Shania Twain and Rascal Flatts. That music makes me gag.

5. Something that really bugs me is illogical people. When they are doing something ridiculous and you point out the stupidity of what they are doing and they argue with you. It doesn't matter how many reasonable, logical proofs you have, nor how many educated, brilliant people you drag into the discussion. The IP's always believe they are right. This annoys me to no end, and I cannot let it go. I get into arguments constantly, and you can bet it's because the person I am arguing with was being illogical.

6. The last random thing about me is this: When I get excited, I am not one to hold back my emotions. I try, because, you know, who really wants to look like an idiot? But if I discover you like the same band, or watch the same tv show, or read the same kind of books as I do, I will probably flip out. I just get so psyched at knowing that someone else likes "Sleeping at Last," or "Lost," or "Pendragon." So, sorry if I ever freak out at knowing that you and I have common interests--I just get excited.

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  1. I absolutely love the last random idea (#6), only because I can truly say I have seen you do this, and I love it! The fact that you get so excited about those types of things shows what a good heart you have!! ;)

    love ya, Liz